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The Power Query Query Comparator was designed for the purpose of comparing M code between 2 versions of the same Excel file. This makes it easier to identify differences or additions across all queries.


Version 3.8 (License expiration June 1st 2025)


The Power Query queries comparator compares 2 versions of the same Excel file containing Power Query queries.

  • A summary report listing each of the queries contained in the 2 files will be created. This report includes automatic formatting that allows us to easily identify different or identical queries, as well as those that have changed names. There are also 2 informative columns for the new file:
    • One identifying the source of each request
    • One giving the description of the queries if this feature is used in Power Query
  • A set of detailed pages will also be created, one page per request with differences between the two versions and one for each of the new requests. Each detailed page includes a column per file in which we find the list of M language steps. It should be noted that conditional formatting is applied when the steps are different between the 2 files.

This purchase entitles all users of the same company to use the Power Query query comparator until the expiry date, June 1 of the following year.