When existing functions are no longer sufficient

The Visual Basic programming language allows us to create custom functions specific to our needs.

Have you ever been faced with wanting to use a function that is incompatible with your version of Excel? Or wanting to use an existing function without it having the exact parameters, desired behavior, or to simplify a combination of nested formulas?

For example, if we wanted to calculate the commission obtained on a sale according to the department, we could create this function:


Thus, we use in our table the amount of the sale as well as the department number. For the home appliances department, the commission is 4% unlike furniture and mattresses which are respectively 2% and 1%.


Another example;
We want to automatically assign teams of female and male players based on their age. We have 4 teams; two women’s teams and two men’s, for the under 18s and over 18s.


Custom functions therefore offer great flexibility to facilitate your calculations without having to use long formulas.


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