About us

Stéphane L’Archevêque, C.Adm.

President of SLV Expert

Mr. L’Archevêque is :


  • Founding president of SLV Expert, since 2006.
  • Expert in the Canadian banking community. He worked for the National Bank of Canada Group for 14 years, a partner in the institute of Canadian Bankers, he also did (completed) several mandates in the banking and finance sector.
  • Microsoft Excel developer and Visual Basic Application (VBA), he led and supervised a team of developers for 15 years, representing more than 2000 projects for more than 500 companies.
  • Trainer and speaker, he regularly trains chartered professional accountants (CPA), payroll specialists, and engineers on automation and Visual Basic Application (VBA) programming languages..
  • Supervises the technical and support team.